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Nieves Herrero

1953. Madrid is in vogue among the great Hollywood stars. Many of them often stop by our capital since Spain is the place chosen for shooting major North American blockbusters. Among the big stars is Ava Gardner, “the world’s mot beautiful animal”. Ava fell in love with our country and lived one of her great passions here: her romance with the fashionable bullfighter of the time, Luis Miguel Dominguín. The couple loved “as if there was no tomorrow”, which happens to be the title of the new novel by the journalist and writer Nieves Herrero.

This is her second historical novel, since she already attained considerable success with her first work “Hidden Behind Her Eyes”, which narrated the story of a forbidden love in the highest spheres of Franco’s Spain...

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España intentara hacer historia otra vez

Spain’s ‘La Roja’ did so two years ago when she won the second consecutive European Championship, preceded by the football World Cup. And we are all excitedly hoping she will do so again this year in Brazil, a country where football is more religion and lifestyle than sport. In fact, the “Canarinha” is always the rival to beat and on this occasion, being the team of the host country, even more so.

It will not be easy for Vicente del Bosque’s boys. First because at a World Cup there are no more lightweight teams and second because Spain’s group, with Holland, Chile and Australia, is not an easy one. Our debut is on 13 June in Salvador de Bahía, against Holland, a team which will surely be raring to live down the defeat of the World Cup final in South Africa...

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