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Del cerdo hasta los andares

This popular saying makes reference to the fact that we use up absolutely everything from the pig. From the head to the tail, there are many recipes that can be prepared with the different parts of an animal that occupies a highly prominent place in Spanish cuisine.

Let’s start with the head, where we have the snout, the cheeks and the ears, which can be cooked in different kinds of stews (in Galicia they are big fans of the “cachucha”, or head), in fried tapas or in a sauce. The brains and tongue are very important in popular cuisine. The more gelatinous parts are used for preparing cold cuts, such as the sausage made from wild boar or pork head. The dewlap is used in stews and roasts, and the lean parts of the neck are very tender and used for mincing and also for grilling.

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