Corpus toledano

The city is scented with thyme and rosemary. Bugles, timpani, banners, standards, guilds, brotherhoods, giants and bigheads paraded on a carpet of flowers, with the aroma of incense perfuming the narrow, richly decorated streets covered in awnings… it is the Corpus Christi festivity in Toledo.

The Corpus Christi is Toledo’s most important feast day. Its origins go back to the 13th century and it is the most beautiful Corpus festivity in existence. The solemn procession leaves the Cathedral at 11 in the morning and follows a 2-kilometre route around the city streets, ending once again in the Cathedral.

And to regain one’s strength after being submerged in Toledo’s Corpus celebrations, nothing better than staying at our Hacienda del Cardenal and enjoying its cuisine in the best surroundings imaginable: a gorgeous garden where you can also lunch and dine surrounded by the city’s Arabic walls, and where we also have a Chill Out terrace for having a drink after sunset and so finishing off a perfect day.

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