San Isidro en los ruedos

One of the highlights of the San Isidro festivity is undoubtedly the bullfighting fair, one of the most important of the season.

These are happy times for bullfighting fans, as this year San Isidro has a more than interesting schedule: 19 bullfights, 3 novice bullfights with picadors and two bullfights on horseback. And among the names featured on the posters are the cream of the matadors, with the exception of José Tomás and El Juli: Daniel Luque, Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares, Miguel Ángel Perera, El Cid, El Fandi, David Mora, Javier Castaño and Fernando Robleño. Particularly outstanding will be the one-man bullfight featuring Alejandro Talavante with 6 fierce bulls from the formidable breeder Victorino Martín.

A significant event at this fair is the farewell from active bullfighting of Finito de Córdoba, which will take place on the arena of Las Ventas bullring, as well as the presence of the veteran Portuguese horseback bullfighter Joao Moura, who will be handing over to his son Miguel Moura.

As is now customary, there will also be some foreign names on the posters besides the above-mentioned Moura father-and-son team: Frenchmen such as Sebastián Castella, Juan Bautista and Juan Leal; Mexicans such as Diego Silveti and Arturo Saldivar; the Colombians Luis Bolivar and Sebastián Ritter and the Venezuelan Cesar Valencia.

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