When in 1888 the Spanish consul in Bordeaux ordered the mortal remains of Francisco de Goya to be exhumed for the first time, he was astounded to discover that the corpse’s head was missing. The consul sent a telegram to Spain, which said: “Located Francisco de Goya’s corpse, but the cranium is missing”, to which the Spanish government answered: “Send Goya’s corpse with or without the cranium”.

When the mortal remains of the great painter arrived in Spain, they were first laid to rest in the Sacramental de San Isidro cemetery and later, in 1919, they were transferred to his definitive resting place in the church of San Antonio de la Florida.

As for the true reason for the missing head of Goya’s corpse, there are several theories, almost all of them with little foundation. Some say that he donated his cranium to science; others that his head rests next to the body of his beloved Duchess of Alba… the truth is that we currently have no clue at all as to what may have happened to the head of the painter from Fuendetodos, nor the reason why his body was decapitated.

We should remember that Goya has a special connection with Botín, since according to the Guinness Book of Records, when young he worked as a dishwasher in our house… there were surely no dishes more artistically washed in the whole of Madrid… no sir.

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