Greco, arte y oficio

This is a remarkable and unique exhibition and the setting is the Santa CruzMuseum. The theme, how El Greco transformed his ideas into art. The show brings together for the first time all the canvases conserved in the Apostleship of Almadrones that were dispersed after the Civil War, together with the complete series of the Apostleship of the Marquis of San Feliz. Almost 100 works that study his brushstrokes and his school.

While the exhibition “The Greek of Toledo” was a veritable showcase of the work of this great painter, “El Greco, Painter and Master” will give us an overview of his genius and the way in which he captured everything that interested him. Outlines, sketches, repetitions and colours that even led him to discover new colours.

The works that comprise the exhibition have come to Toledo from 27 cities in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, CzechRepublic and Switzerland. This spectacular show will be hosted by Toledo’s Santa CruzMuseum until 9 December.

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