El griego de Toledo

As strange as it may sound, there has never been an El Greco exhibition in Toledo.  Ever since a major showing of his work was organized in the Prado Museum in 1902, the figure of the painter has gained international recognition through exhibitions organized all over the world, but never in Toledo.

However, the time has come.  The so-called “Espacios Greco” and the Museo de Santa Cruz will be the headquarters for the largest exhibition ever on the Greek painter.  In addition, many of his works will be on display in their original locations, which constitutes a unique privilege:  The Cathedral Sacristy, the San José Chapel, the Santo Tomé Church, the Old Santo Domingo Convent and the Tavera Hospital.

The exhibition will include works by El Greco dating back prior to his arrival in Spain, the years he spent studying the Italian style of painting, following in the footsteps of Titian, Tintoretto, Michelangelo, etc. The exhibition will also place special emphasis on his work as a portrait artist, with a style very different to what was customary in the Spain of Philip II.

In Spain, in addition to the portraits, El Greco also devoted special attention to the religious paintings and created complex tableaus for churches, combining a diversity of styles.

This great Tribute to El Greco will be inaugurated on March 14th and will be open for visiting until June 14th.  It will feature more than 100 works by the artist, many of which have come to Toledo from 29 different cities from all over the world.

And a suggestion:  to replenish your energy after touring this Exhibition, do not hesitate pay us a visit at our Hacienda del Cardenal and our Cardenal del Álcazar, in Toledo.

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