Mark Zuckerberg

The founder of the Facebook social networking service has visited Spain recently in order to attend the Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona last week.  But it can’t always be: “All work and no play”, so the famous American entrepreneur also wanted to do some tourism and get to know the Spanish cuisine.

We saw that he had dinner the other night at DiverXo, Madrid chef David Muñoz’s restaurant, which boasts 3 Michelin stars.  However, what the general public does not know is that he paid a visit to Toledo the other day and had lunch at our establishment, the Hacienda del Cardenal, accompanied by his wife Priscilla Chan, and two bodyguards.  It seems that the young couple decided to try the eggplant with honey, the croquettes and the pig’s feet as appetizers, and as the main dish: fried eggs with ratatouille, while she chose the cochicordi (a combination dish of roast suckling pig and roast lamb).  They had Toledo’s traditional marzipan for dessert.  The couple paid in cash and left.  Whether or not they spent the rest of the day wandering through the city to help digest the meal… we cannot say.


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