2014 will mark the 400th anniversary of the death of famous painter El Greco and everything is ready to commemorate this important event.

El Greco’s true importance was finally recognized in 1914 coinciding with the third centennial of his death and as a result, much of his work, which was scattered and for the most part forgotten in a number of convents and churches in the Toledo region, were identified.  It was at this point that the artist was hailed as the forerunner of the avant-garde arts.

This fourth centennial is aimed at paying tribute to the figure of Doménico Theotocopuli in the city which best conserves his influence: Toledo, and in increasing the knowledge and familiarity with the artist, his life and his work.  As incredible as it may sound, an El Greco exhibition has never been organized in Toledo before. The very first time will be in 2014 and it promises to be spectacular.  The exhibition will be housed in the Santa Cruz Museum and in several other parts of the city, which will be referred to as the “Greco Areas”.  It will be a very special exhibition that will introduce us to the artist in the city in which he lived, Toledo, and will focus special emphasis on his work as a portrait artist.

In any case, there will be many other activities related to the centennial and we will keep our readers fully informed.

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